Popular Snacks that are Great for Healthy Teeth

As you pack for road trips or visits to the park this summer, remember to include some healthy snacks for you and the kids. Sadly, many of the processed snacks sold in the market today contain high levels of sugar, which is detrimental to dental health. Here are some tooth-friendly snack options that may come in handy throughout the summer for healthy teeth.

The problem with processed snacks

Prepackaged snacks provide a quick solution for many modern parents seeking to satisfy kids who are constantly hungry. However, these processed products put healthy teeth at significant risk. Snacks like chips, cookies and crackers are rich in starch and they often stick to teeth after being consumed.

Starch stuck on healthy teeth breaks down into sugars that serve as food for bacteria that create acids which attack and erode tooth enamel. These acids leave teeth susceptible to cavities, tooth sensitivity and decay.

Snack options for healthy teeth

Here is a list of snack options that are a lot healthier when it comes to preventing cavities and maintaining healthy teeth:

1. Fresh vegetables

Vegetables are good for the teeth because they stimulate the production of saliva which helps to clean the mouth and keep teeth free of acids. Most high fiber vegetables require additional time to chew and therefore stimulates saliva production, which helps to clean teeth.

2. Cheese

Cheese is a dairy product with high levels of calcium which is good for the formation of healthy teeth and bones. Cheese also contains a specific protein known as casein which strengthens tooth enamel thus helps in preventing cavities.

3. Nuts

Various types of nuts offer healthy snack alternatives that are both high in energy and tooth friendly. The most common snack choice is peanuts. These have low sugar content and they are never hard enough to damage teeth. Nuts also contain calcium and vitamin D which are fundamental for maintaining healthy teeth.

4. Apples

Over the years, apples have earned the moniker "nature's toothbrush" because of the amazing benefits that the fruit provides to human teeth. Apples have a high, fibrous content as well as thick skin that helps with scrubbing teeth to remove food remains and dangerous sugars. Eating apples regularly can reduce the build-up of plaque on teeth.

5. Yogurt

Plain yogurt without any artificial sweeteners is a tasty source of calcium and protein which are both essential to the health of human teeth. Yogurt is also a good source of casein which assists in building stronger enamel and healthy teeth. However, it is important to be careful when buying yogurt because certain brands contain sweeteners and other additives that are not good for teeth.

6. Almonds

Almonds are a superb snack option for the summer because they are easy to eat especially when one is on the road. In addition, almonds also have high calcium and protein content meaning that they are good for the teeth and gums.

7. Plain water

As opposed to drinking prepacked juices or sports drinks that are full of processed sugars, water is a better and healthier alternative. Water keeps the body hydrated and prevents the mouth from drying out. In addition, water also rinses off the teeth and reduces the build-up of plaque.

Making healthy snack options for the entire family this summer does not have to be difficult. Stay away from processed and prepacked snacks as often as possible. Instead, learn to include nutrient-rich alternatives to packaged foods for stronger, healthy teeth.

Regular visits to the dentist also go a long way when it comes to keeping teeth healthy.

When was your last dental checkup?

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