7 Secrets to Maintaining Optimal Oral Health

Oral Health

Oral health has a direct impact on your social and professional life. Practicing proper oral hygiene is not limited by age. Most people often assume the need for proper oral hygiene but they do not know that their oral health, as well as their overall health, is dependent on it.

Impacts of poor oral hygiene

Research shows that a high number of children attending school suffer from dental cavities which is the most common dental problem caused by poor oral hygiene. It also shows that almost all adults suffer from dental cavities, and a number of them also suffer from severe gum disease.

Most people have lost some or all of their natural teeth to poor oral hygiene. A large percent of people who suffer from oral cancer is mostly due to poor oral hygiene. Excellent oral hygiene is part of grooming and therefore poor oral hygiene could affect your social life including your love relationships as well as success in your career.

Seven secrets to maintaining optimal oral health

1. Brushing twice daily with fluoride toothpaste

This helps remove any food particles and plaque that is left on or in your teeth after meals. Brushing twice daily also restores the minerals that are lost during acid attacks on the enamel, therefore, making your teeth stronger. Following a routine of brushing after every meal can also aid in maintaining a healthy mouth. 

2. Flossing after every meal

Flossing helps remove food particles and plaque left between the teeth after meals. Remaining food particles might be sugary and removing them prevents acids from being formed which could lead to acid attacks on the teeth. Leftover food particles could also cause gum disease, which will only deteriorate the gums, eventually leading to tooth decay. 

3. Chewing sugar-free gum

An adequate and continuous flow of saliva into the mouth cleans the mouth and provides the enamel of each tooth, with minerals that they require. Chewing sugarless gum can help stimulate the salivary glands to excrete enough saliva into the mouth. Sugar-free gum also ensures that your teeth are not coming intact with direct sugar. Chewing gum is a habit and if that habit contains a lot of sugar, it will eventually harm the teeth. 

4. Avoid or limit sugar intake

Consuming sugary foods and drinks could cause tooth decay. Foods such as cakes and candies contain high sugar levels which could be harmful to your teeth. If sugar is something that is impossible to cut back on then, be sure to brush your teeth thoroughly after each intake. Include a proper rinse of the mouth too. This will eliminate any additional sugars harming the teeth or gums. Otherwise, consider keeping your sugar intake at a minimum. 

5. A healthy diet

Maintaining a healthy diet isn't just important for the body, it's also important for the teeth and gums as well. Fueling the body with healthy fruits and vegetables is important in aiding optimal oral health. If sugars and acidic foods are the only things being consumed, it is more likely that the acids and sugars found within these foods will latch onto the teeth and cause cavities or erosion. Maintaining a healthy diet that is rich in calcium is key in ensuring healthy teeth and gums

6. Avoid smoking tobacco

Tobacco is known to damage and discolor the teeth and gums. Tobacco also causes gum diseases and bad breath. The tar that is in nicotine, which is included in most tobacco products will latch on to the enamel of the teeth, causing discoloring over time. Therefore, refraining from smoking tobacco ensures that your teeth and gums stay healthy. 

7. Maintaining frequent dental visits

A dental care provider should conduct a thorough checkup of the mouth, gums, and teeth. The dentist should clean your teeth thoroughly and advise you accordingly. Staying on track with dental visits will ensure that a healthy dental hygiene is maintained, ensuring optimal oral health.

Visiting the dentist regularly, helps the dentist to notice any dental health issues long before you even notice it. This helps treat those dental health issues early enough before they cause any damage. Ensure that you take the necessary precautions of protecting your teeth and your gums.

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