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Sometimes a tooth can become so infected or have too much decay where we must perform a root canal. Root canals are done to save and protect the tooth. The root canal procedure is very straight forward. Dr. Chaves will remove the nerve and the tooth dental pulp, then a sealant will be applied in order to keep an abscess from forming, and then a crown that looks and feels just like your other teeth will be placed.

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When is a root canal needed?

There are 3 most common times a root canal is needed:

(1) When the patient experiences severe toothaches.
(2) When the patient experiences abnormal swelling in the jaw area.
(3) When the patient experiences unreasonably high tooth sensitivity.

These are just common reasons, but none of these symptoms alone guarantee a root canal is needed. Dr. Chaves will need to perform a complete examination to give an accurate treatment plan.

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What is Dental Pulp?

Dental pulp is found inside the tooth. It is vascularized tissue that delivers blood to the tooth. The pulp nourishes the helps develop your teeth. The reason you will need a crown after having a root canal is because the pulp is removed and therefore, so is it’s source of nourishment. With the pulp removed the tooth will grow weak and brittle, therefore a custom dental crown is needed.

The Root Canal Process at Sunset Center For Dental Excellence:

Step 1
The first thing we do is anesthetize (numb) the entire infected area. We make sure the infected tooth and the tissue surrounded the tooth is completely numb. We go to great lengths to make sure the root canal procedure is as pain free as possible.

Step 2
Once the entire area is numb we will then clean it with a solution that disinfects. You will also be prescribed an antibiotic to take to make sure the infected area has no bacteria.

Step 3
Once the swelling and infection has completely cleared we will bring you back in for the final portion of the treatment. We will numb the tooth and area surrounding it once again. We will then remove the pulp and nerve of the tooth. Once that is complete we will apply a sealant to the tooth. This is done to keep the tooth infection free. We will then add a polymer so the new crown will sit properly on the tooth. When this portion of the procedure is complete, you won’t be able to tell the difference in the crown and your natural teeth. It will look and feel the same as the surrounding teeth.

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Is a root canal right for you?

When you are in the hands of a great dentist, the root canal procedure should be fast and as pain free as possible. If you are in pain now and think you might need a root canal, give us a call and let’s figure out which treatment is best for you.

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