Implant Dentistry

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Dental implant therapy is the most innovative approach utilized today for replacing missing, broken, or unhealthy teeth that cannot be salvaged. A dental implant is an ideal choice for those who are either missing teeth or must remove teeth but are otherwise in good oral health. The process of a dental implant involves screwing the “root” of the implant into living bone, typically the jawbone, allowing in time the live bone to fuse to the screw. Once the screw is fused into place an artificial tooth may be installed, revealing a beautiful and healthy dental implant.

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How Are Dental Implants Installed?

In dental implant therapy, a screw is surgically rooted into the healthy jawbone where the missing or removed teeth once were. The screw used in dental implant therapy is titanium. The jawbone must heal completely before the final implant is screwed onto the “root.” Only oral surgeons or specially trained dentists are authorized to perform dental implant therapy. Once the screw has healed, which in some cases can take up to a year, the dentist will install a custom designed tooth made in a dental laboratory that will fit into the space and will match the shape and size of the remaining healthy teeth.

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Why Dental Implants

Dental implant therapy is the most long-term and proactive option for replacing natural teeth that are missing. They are deemed far superior to removable bridges and dentures. Whether you are missing a single tooth or have several teeth with compromised health concerns, dental implant therapy may be a worthwhile conversation to have with us.

What To Expect

After the titanium root is screwed into the jawbone, the surrounding gums may be tender or sore. Ibuprofen can aid in the pain and to assuage any symptoms. Like any procedure involving the bone, you must be careful during the healing period to avoid infection. The Sunset Center for Dental Excellence will give you exact instructions on how to best care for your dental implant during the healing process. Do not smoke post-operation as the smoke can create a condition called dry socket, which can be very painful and can compromise the outcome of your surgery.